Sunday, August 16, 2009

At the beach!

T and I hit the beach for a few hours today. We couldn't go to my favorite beach because of some wine party at the golf course that ate all the parking, but we found another one to hit. This one was pretty rocky, but we found a good sandy spot and got into the water.

Here's me styling some bathing suits I put together to accommodate the growing abdominals! Most pregnancy suits are UGLY!
The nice thing was that there were about 5 other people on the beach, so it definitely wasn't crowded.

We got this little sun tent that we figured we would need to protect the tiny human later- it worked out great. The tiny human stopped kicking constantly when I was in the water, so I took that to mean he liked it. Hope you are all doing well! We are moving into our house next weekend, so lots of excitement here!