Friday, December 19, 2008

A contest!

Caution, non-child safe words ahead!

In our relentless efforts to get very important work done at the lab yesterday, my advisor forwarded me this snapshot taken close to Miami beach by a friend of his (who shall remain unidentified due to the inflammatory nature of the photo.)

Here it is:

We were perplexed by what circumstances may have led up to such a declaration. My advisor's lovely wife proposed we hold a contest and encourage others to explain the backstory of this photo. Who wrote it? How were such strong feelings provoked? Is George Lucas really even involved? Why the oceanside location?

Post your explanation of these circumstances. It doesn't matter if your explanation is short or otherwise. Submissions in non-prose format will be awarded extra points. All posts will be judged by a group of completely biased judges and the winner will be awarded a prize. (I don't know what it is yet-I have to find something cool.)
Good luck!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last first snow..

Our weather on Tuesday!

This is the last first snow we will experience in Kansas and it was a good one. I was recovering from my last night on Missouri animal urgent care, but Tea was itching to be out in the snow. We went to the park and she ran until her feet bled. I was a little concerned but she seemed happy as a lark.

She stopped several times to chew ice balls from between her feet. How smart is that, for a dog born an hour from the Pacific ocean?! Once she realized she had a willing helper with her she would throw herself on the ground and wave the offending paw entreatingly in the air so I could dig out the ice ball.

Check out the you tube video (link to the left) of her running like a mad thing through the snow!