Sunday, October 26, 2008

Felted Ruffled Neck Cozy

Here is a brief tutorial for this little guy. Let me know if you have trouble making it and I can try to help you out. I used Pattons Classic wool Merino and a 6.0 mm (J) hook. The buttons are "La Mode" vintage reproduction buttons from Jo-ann's fabric store. Yes, I did swatch this since I had no idea how much it would felt.

Chained to make 29 inch chain. HDC for 9 rows.
In ruffle, HDC and chain 1 in each stitch for one row. Then HDC and chain 1, HDC and chain 1 in each stitch for one row. (this took me forever!)

Felted by running through my top loader washer on regular cycle, small load, hot. Removed from washer when first spin began, rinsed in cool water and rolled in a dry towel to remove water. Felted dimensions are 26 inches by 3 inches including ruffle. Arranged the ruffle so each “ruffle’ was a similar size and allowed to dry.

Cut buttonholes (not too big!!) and sewed on buttons. I overestimated the amount of shrinkage in the length, so probably would make it much shorter on a second attempt. Ready for Kansas cold!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for your wonderful pattern. It's so simple but looks so great. I just felted mine tonight (my very first ever felting project). It came out wonderfully! I only made two small changes; I started with a foundation hdc and did 10 rows. I'll post pics in Ravelry when I take some (I suppose I should let it dry first...).

Thanks again.

Your new fan,

Korina (it's also my Rav name)