Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Visit Home

I went to California last weekend to visit my parents and some friends. It was really nice to be home and I'm starting to feel like it won't be too long before we go back for good. Only 8 months left!

I got to see a friend of mine who was my teacher in vet school and has since moved out to California and gotten a tan. I miss her!! We went for a hike at this park but couldn't visit their nature center because a TV show was being filmed. Quintessential California!

I also saw my parents new weekend house. I was so interested in looking at the house that I neglected to take any pictures, but here is the view from the park directly behind their house.

The house has a little ocean view as well, I just didn't take any pictures. Afterward we went for a walk to the Ventura pier and enjoyed the sunny day. Ah, California!

The fires started on the day I left and were visible from the freeway as we drove to the airport. Hey, there has to be some kind of trade-off for perfect weather, ocean and mountainside property and fabulous food all in one state!

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