Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here are some tutorials that I think are really interesting....

a very pretty scarf

a simple handbag

a can cover, I know, sounds weird

a little apron, cause I cook so often ;)

Button flowers

Tissue holder

a baby bunting

a flower

a little tote bag

a very cool jacket

And this store is killing me... It's in Ventura!

It's too bad I have to go do that work thing every day. I could definitely entertain myself for quite a while with all this stuff...

Here's Tristan doing his favorite thing and Reese-also doing his favorite thing. :)

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Rachel said...

Hi, Vanessa! Thanks for following my blog. I'm enjoying going through your posts... and that jacket totally has me thinking! It's so mysterious. I'm wondering what to make it out of. Thanks for the links!