Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pie. The world needs more pie.

One of my friends at work had a very fruitful apple tree this year and brought me a bucket of apples. They are delicious and have some indefinable orchard quality I can't lay my finger on- a dry, not overly sweet quality that says, hey man, we grew up outside with no chemicals and we're not perfect, but we taste good! Great, now I think apples have an emotional life...

As much as I enjoy them, there is no way we can eat that many. Our little dog likes them too, so she gets the odd wedge. I also decided I would make a foray into pie-baking. Mind you, I've never baked an apple pie in my life, so I went looking for pie recipes that were marked as easy at The pie was really easy and turned out very well.

Then, since I was already baking I made some Baklava which I have made before. I also ate almost the entire pan of baklava by myself as my darling husband finds it too sweet.

Finally, I made a lemon pie per DH's request which he decided he didn't like either. Honestly, who doesn't like pie?! Half of this one went to my Master's advisor, so thankfully I won't be "forced" to eat the whole thing myself. I think I'm all baked out for a while now!

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Todd said...

indeed the world does need more pies.

lots of good recipes and great photographs here

I read it for the articles, i swear.