Monday, September 29, 2008

Naughty Sunshine

Téa is my little naughty sunshine. I mean, how can you not adore a dog who makes this face when you are trying to study pharmacokinetics?

I try to do something "Just for her" every weekend I'm not in Kansas City. (Don't get me wrong, she also gets at least two walks a day and multiple dog cookies) This weekend was pretty warm so I took her to the lake for a swim.

On the walk down to the lake I was blissfully unaware that cockle burrs are in season and by the time we made it to the water she had about thirty of them in the most uncomfortable spots. I pulled them out of her fur since I didn't want them to make her swim time unhappy.
I think she had a good time, what do you think?

On the way back up to the car she looked so pretty in the afternoon sun that I wanted to get a really good picture of her. I told her to sit and kept dancing around and calling her so she would look my way. She obstinately wanted to look the other direction and I was getting really frustrated with her.
The best picture I got was this one:

You have probably noticed what I didn't and you can almost see it in the look on her face, "Duh, there's a huge cool bird I want to go chase over there." Frankly, I'm amazed she sat for even a second.

She sprang away a moment later and barked all the way up to where the Heron had been. Of course, he was well away by that time, but she had found a better prize and promptly started rolling in it-a huge half-eaten catfish.

She had also picked up some more cockle burrs and even though I encouraged her back into the water after her swim, when I went to pull burrs out of her fur by the car I found they were ground full of dead fish. My car smelled terrific on the way home too. Well, at least in my precious dog's opinion!

I think she had a great time- check out the look of satisfaction in a day's work well done. Gotta love that naughty sunshine!

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