Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fiber Happiness

Here is one of the things I love about Kansas. I got it in my head that I wanted to know how wool and other fibers make it to an actual garment. In Kansas, not only can you learn this stuff, but you can actually see each step done, even meeting the animals!

I've been learning to do a myriad of cool things with fiber at a local shop called Settlers Farm that is owned by my Master's advisor's wife. Check out their site here. First I learned to spin fiber, and next I took a crochet class. Here is my fourth crochet project. I'm really excited about the way it turned out.

Yesterday I went to visit Cedar Breaks Alpaca farm which is owned by one of my Master's committee members and his wife. Check them out here. I had a great time and bought an entire alpaca blanket! I spun up some of the fiber and started the cuffs for some mittens for myself. It is soooo soft.
Hmmm... I'd be willing to bet I buy more fiber before too long... Now if only I had a spinning wheel!
Here's me with my unprepared Alpaca blanket:

Some of the fiber I spun up later that day (it's rather lumpy, but I'm absurdly happy with it anyway):

The cuff of my to-be-completed mitten, made with yarn from previous picture: (address for pattern I'm using is here.)


Evelyne said...

This is totally fantastic Vanessa. I love to be able to see all what you are doing and this blogg is a very fun way to follow your life and see your interest first hand...and to see you too.
Big kiss from your Mom who loves you and who is so impressed by all your many interests.

Whirled said...

Your crocheted sweater came out fantastic! You are definately the valdictorian of our crochet class. Have fun with the alpaca blanket, it looks gorgeous!