Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good things about Kansas...

...Come on, let's have a positive attitude! ;)

-Gas is actually $1.77 a gallon right now-this picture is 2 weeks old..

-People will call you Ma'am even if you are 30 years younger than they are.

-Cicadas start buzzing in all the trees when mid-summer rolls around. They also make a crunchy snack for dogs.

-Lightning bugs show up in June

-The first heavy snow covers up everything ugly and makes the world quiet. And dogs love it.

-A 'real' thunderstorm makes the house shake every time a clap of thunder breaks.

-The prairie glows in the fall when the goldenrod is blooming and the grass is golden dry.

-No traffic. Ever. Truly.

-People you met 3 weeks ago will help you move.

-You will see deer, rabbits, turkeys, and lots of different birds on most hikes you take. Hmm..turkeys are a kind of bird actually.

-Cardinals. In your backyard.

-Other drivers will come to a complete stop and let you merge.

-The Anthropologie sales rack doesn't get too picked over since the population is low.

-You can show up less than one hour before an airline flight and still have time to use the restroom and buy a cinnamon role.

-The best baked potatoes in the continental US.

-When the sun comes up after an ice storm it looks like every blade of grass is dipped in crystal.

-Real fireworks are legal and easily purchased at roadside tents before the fourth of July.

-The trees are big enough that they form a green tunnel you can drive through in the deep summer. (I think this is also because the roads are narrow.)

-If you skid off the biggest highway in the state because of heavy snow, complete strangers driving behind you will slide your car back onto the road for you.

-During the winter your cats want to sleep under the covers with you at night to stay warm. Adorable.

-The city pool is open for dogs to have a swim on the last day of summer.

-People will be intrigued that you are actually from California because you seem pretty normal.... :)

-oh, yeah, and Kansas is the state that decided to take a chance on a Drama major and made her a veterinarian. Thanks Kansas.

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