Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wind of Change

The ceaseless Kansas wind strips the fall foliage off the trees two or three days after they change color around here. Most of our trees are already the reaching, naked things we will watch all winter, straining for that first green mist of spring. Close by in Kansas city, great stands of placid multi-colored trees roll over the hills with breath taking masses of color. In Manhattan however, the wind whips over the flat prairie and the trees are swiftly scoured down to their bark.

The quality of daylight has changed too. Overbrilliant autumn sun fights with the grey tinge that passes over and blots everything out, a harbinger of swirling snow and cold stinging through the smallest gaps in clothing.

Here and there, though, you'll round a corner and find some stalwart tree blazing in a final farewell to warm weather. I had to stop my walk with Tea and admire the hectic play of sun through fluttering slips of gold leaves. Goodbye warm weather! We'll see you again in a few months...

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