Friday, April 03, 2009

Awesome Yellow Chair.

If I were to buy this in California, it probably would have cost around a hundred dollars. But in Kansas? Try $30. :) Look at those legs, will ya?!

We snapped it up in January at the favorite shop, Second Thyme Around. (We also picked up that spiffy side table at Target on sale during their home event.) The chair is very comfortable and solid, but the fabric is split on the armrests. I will definitely be getting it professionally re-upholstered later, maybe for my birthday? I already bought the fabric on clearance from Here it is:

And while that is all very nice and good, I still wanted to use it right away. My pretty new chair. :) So I took out an old sheet and made a slipcover. You can find directions on how to do this all over the internet, but briefly, you cut pieces and pin them, wrong side of fabric towards the chair. When you have all your pieces pinned to the chair, you pin the fabric together wherever seams should go. Take it off and sew together all the seams, and you've got a slipcover.

I am an impatient seamstress and I DON'T like to pin, so I probably used a lot less pins then I should have. Hence the somewhat floppy look to the slipcover. It works for now, and I will get it perfect later. And, as usual, Reese-man likes it, and nothing is more important than that. :)

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