Friday, April 03, 2009

Upholstery experiment.

I didn't know if it would be a disaster, so I didn't tell anyone about my experiment until it was complete. (Well, except for my DH-he couldn't help but notice a million old staples on the floor.)

A few months ago I really wanted to buy this chair from Target. I was initially alerted to its existence by one of my favorite blogs, This Young House. I like the modern yet classic lines and the color. But it is expensive and DH thought it was uncomfortable. So I didn't buy it.

So...... A few months later I came across a chair at my FAVORITE second hand store, Second Thyme Around in Manhattan, KS. I liked the lines and thought, maybe this could be my first foray into re-upholstery. I read about re-upholstering on the internet and then I bought the chair for $25. Using multiple coupons for Hobby Lobby and Joann's, I bought all the supplies I needed. Every single thing on this chair was at least 40% off, except the staples and spray paint, which I had to buy full price at the hardware store.

So here is the chair...
Nice, right? The green fabric was a nubby avocado colored synthetic. I'm guessing 1970's? It is very comfortable. In fact, while it was in the back of my car we were driving Danny around and since the car chairs were folded up, he sat in this chair. He thought it was comfortable there too. No seat belt though. :(

Let the deconstruction begin! I took a lot of pictures so I wouldn't forget how everything went together at the end.

I must have pulled several hundred staples out. I have a nice little abrasion on my thumb from my needle nose pliers, so if you try this, I highly recommend gloves!

I discovered that the backing 'pillow' was actually faux, so I ended up leaving that piece on, though I did remove the buttons. The frame, however, was a gorgeous hardwood, and very sturdy.

Starting to attach new fabric. I used the old fabric pieces as templates to cut the new fabric. The old fabric had some decomposing latex foam on it which turned to a fine yellow dust that coated everything. I replaced the foam rubber where it was too far gone.

Here the fabric attachment is nearly complete. I hadn't done the button tufting yet.

The legs were pretty beat up so they got a fresh coat of paint. Krylon spray paint attaches to anything!

Button tufting on the back is complete. Reese seems to like this chair. :) He actually sat in the chair while I did the tufting and played with the waxed twine. Never got out of the chair.

And finally.... The finished project! Yeah, it's far from perfect. Also, the pillow cover needs some ironing, but that will come later.
Due to coupon use, the entire chair redo including the cost of the chair, was $73. And I had fun for 5 days worth of evenings.
But most importantly, Reese has a chair.

Hmmm... But i want to sit in the chair too Reesey!

It should also be mentioned that I have NO training in upholstering other than reading tutorials on the internet. Also, I own a staple gun. If you want to try re-upholstering and someone looks at you funny and implies it will be too hard for you, walk away from them with all speed. You absolutely can do it. I think choosing a chair with straight lines and a minimum of delicate details is helpful, but you can definitely do it! Unto the breach, dear friends!

I am now crocheting a gray and turquoise pouf to accompany the chair, and also bought a fantastic floor lamp (again at Second Thyme Around) for, drum roll...... $2.50 I think the floor lamp may get a coat of gray paint as well. Let me know what you think!


The Ratpack said...

Saw your chair on this Young House! Love it - you did a great job! I must know where you got your green rug! I want one!

Courtney said...

Saw this on the This Young House blog, and I had to pop over and tell you what an awesome job you did! I think you may have inspired me...I'm definitely not going to let a little ugly fabric deter me from a really great chair I might find at the thrift store!

Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

What a great job! i am in the mist of doing my first upholstery job too! Where did you find info on how to do it? Again... great job!