Sunday, April 12, 2009

I am no cook.

I got a baking itch again last week. First, I found a no knead 5-minute bread recipe. The first trial did not rise very much and was as dense as a rock. Tea quite enjoyed it. :)

The second batch rose much more and was so much less dense. But still pretty dense. Also, I used regular salt instead of kosher salt. So the bread was pretty salty. DH liked it anyway. :)

The recipe calls for regular flour and I've been trying to use up our whole wheat flour which is more grainy. Could this lead to the density problem? Hmm. Further investigation will be underway.

I also tried a recipe from this blog. This woman is a clearly a naughty french pastry pusher. And I adore her for it. I cooked the fruit too long on this one, but will definitely try it again as well.

There are no pictures of the final experiment because I was ashamed of it. I had gotten a pumpkin cake recipe during senior year and finally got around to making it. The only problem was that I didn't really understand the notes I had written. One section of the ingredients was butter and cream cheese so I added that, but the darn cream cheese really didn't want to mix with the other ingredients. I finally gave up and threw the whole mess in the oven.

Ten minutes later, the light came on. The cream cheese and butter were for the cake frosting.


So off I went to buy more cream cheese to make up the frosting. MAN, that was some rich pumpkin cake. I could barely eat one cube and shamefully sent it to school with DH. The funny thing was, I got a ton of compliments for my mistake. DH's friend Kevin sternly told me that I must make the cake the wrong way from now on since he liked it so much. I guess I'll have to get pictures of it next time. Happy accident... or coronary inducer?

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Cathy said...

DH? It is the whole wheat--you might try some white flour with it to lighten it up.