Friday, April 03, 2009

TV Stand

I never liked this TV stand. In truth, I don't like TV stands. I prefer hiding the TV in an armoire, rather than having out like some altar to the mindless entertainment gods. (I will, however, admit to enjoying mindless entertainment.)

But, DH LOVES his big TV. He sometimes says goodbye to it when we leave on vacation. (He also says goodbye to the animals, so I'm OK with it.) When DH wanted this TV stand, I agreed, in an effort for compromise.

It was originally particleboard garbage with a laminated picture of wood applied to it. I painted it white to hide the fake wood. I hung a little cutain over the front to block the mountains of dust that would accumulate around the components. Now the curtain was irritating DH, and I still hated the thing.

Don't worry, the story ends happily, because we put it on craigslist and it sold in an hour. The woman who bought it was enraptured with the curtain and couldn't stop exclaiming about it.

Our requirements for a new TV stand were that it have a door to block out dust, but that the door be glass so the remote/playstation/DVD signals could go through. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? Well, it's not. We couldn't find anything that was affordable or youthful looking.

The closest was the IKEA BONDE sideboard, which is really awesome, but $360. And there is no IKEA in Kansas. Maybe when we are gainfully employed?...

So I found this little guy at a local junk shop. In it's former life, it was a store display case. I didn't happen to take a picture of it assembled, but it does have legs. And it met our other requirements.We drilled two holes through the metal bottom and filed the edges smooth for electrical access. But the color was boring, and I am into bright color at the moment. So I picked up 2 cans of my trusty Krylon spray paint and gave this little guy a new, extroverted life.

Everyone seems to like it so far, what do you think? It actually has a second window section that stacks on top, so when we have the money for the perfect TV stand, this can be bolted to the wall and serve as an awesome bookshelf.

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Paula said...

OK, that's adorable! It's perfectly retro, totally updated, and makes a great TV stand. I love your blog, just stopped by from This Young House. Congrats on being featured over there :)